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Call it a bar. Call it a bistro. Call it your workspace. Or call it the perfect venue for your next event. Bar Bistro Bureau is where you meet, inform, and inspire each other. Whether it’s a meeting in one of our containers or enjoying a refreshing drink during a business dinner, cocktail party, or celebration in our restaurant, which can be exclusively rented. 

bar bistro bureau highlights:
✓ Creative venue with a capacity of up to 550 people
✓ Option for exclusive venue rental
✓ Conveniently located in Amsterdam
✓ 589 private parking spaces (€2.00 per hour)
✓ Private rooftop terrace with a jeu-de-boules court
✓ Surprising catering
✓ DJ booth available

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At B.Amsterdam, we’re experts at facilitating events. Our building offers all the spaces you need to host events, from presentations and meetings to conferences and live gatherings. Our restaurant also provides various options for groups. You can dine and/or drink in your own indoor or outdoor section of Bureau, or gather in one of our containers. And if you want to rent out the entire Bureau for a private dinner or party, that’s an option too!

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culinary delights.

At Bar Bistro Bureau, we offer a range of catering options. You can have lunch with your group right here on our premises. Choose from multiple dishes on our current menu, featuring seasonal ingredients. In addition to lunch, we also offer sit-down and walking dinners. Based on your preferences and our capabilities, we’ll pamper your group. Prefer a casual gathering? Bar Bistro Bureau has you covered with a wide selection of delicious snacks, craft beers, and wines. Check out the brochure below for more information.

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At Bar Bistro Bureau, we’re not just about drinks and delicious bites. We’re also your ultimate event playground! Picture this: a professional Pioneer DJ set, complete with sleek furniture and booming speakers. And guess what? It’s not just for indoor shindigs—our DJ magic works both inside and outside, all within the bounds of good vibes and decibel limits.

**what’s in the mix? **

  1. DJ Set Bliss: Whether you’re hosting a laid-back gathering or a full-blown fiesta, our DJ setup is ready to spin those tracks. We can even loop the beats straight to the restaurant speakers if you fancy a musical backdrop while you dine.
  2. Extra Oomph: Need more volume? No problem! For a little extra, we’ll bring in additional speakers and disco lighting. Because why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary?
  3. Artist Connection: Thanks to our top-secret programming skills (okay, maybe not so secret), we’ve built a network of diverse artists. From groovy DJs to soulful live musicians, we’ve got the whole spectrum covered. Background tunes? Check. Belt-out anthems? Double-check.

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Bar Bistro Bureau
5th floor of B. Amsterdam
Johan Huizingalaan 763a
1066 VH Amsterdam

+31 (0)20 723 84 92

opening hours.

Monday - thursday 12am - 11pm
Friday 12am - 12pm
Saturday - sunday closed


Are you coming by car? Our building is located on the A4 motorway and has a large parking lot at the rear. Coming by public transport? Bus and streetcar stop Louwesweg is within walking distance.